Our Story

“Knowledge is only a rumor until it lives in the muscle."  - Asaro tribe proverb

Start with the basics

Meet the unmet needs

Great products arise out of unmet needs and, sometimes, out of tragedy or accidents.  Such is the case with our flagship product, the VFS-10 Fitness Pedal. The inability to quickly unclip from pedals on road and mountain bikes has caused countless serious injuries (including more than one for our founder).  In gyms, the most common laments revolve around baskets and straps on cardio equipment.  We developed the VFS-10 Fitness Pedal (as well as the soon-to-come VTR-10 Trail and Road pedal) to solve these problems. We use the products we sell—it’s personal for us.  We believe you’ll benefit from them, too.

The Vectus community

Spreading the gospel of the bike.

Located in the Bay Area, we are continually inspired by a thriving bike and fitness culture, not to mention some of the best riding in the world. As a collection of avid cyclists and gym devotees, Vectus Sport is committed to getting involved in local group rides and helping all levels of workout enthusiasts to achieve their fitness goals. We love to see and hear how people are using our products to improve their activities, so tag your pics with #vectussport and share your progress!

Our vision

Enhance the rider experience.

Our mission at Vectus Sport is to design products that make your ride or workout experience better and safer. By focusing on key improvements, we help our customers perfect their craft and enjoy the process. From improving foot stability and control with our patented True Release pedal technology to streamlining bike transportation with the lightweight Levitate bike rack (currently under development), our products are built to keep you going. 

New product development

We can help launch your idea.

One of our greatest attributes as a company is our unwavering commitment to developing and delivering great new products to the sports, adventure, and fitness worlds.  If you have a product idea that you believe belongs in the market place, contact us to discuss ways we can help you turn your dream into a reality.  Check out all our products .