VFS-10 Owner's Manual

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Failure To Follow These Instructions And Warning Statements Before Assembling And Using This System May Result In Serious Personal Injury. No person, independent representative, agent, distributor, dealer (including any Vectus Sport dealer) or company is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of this warranty in any manner whatsoever. This warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

PATENT NUMBER:  10,214,264 


• Always wear a pair of shoes or some form of foot protection when riding the VFS-10 Fitness Pedal.

• Check leg extension after you install the VFS-10 pedal and adjust saddle.

• Make sure to wear appropriate protective gear and follow the rules of the road/trail if riding outdoors.

• Use appropriate lighting and visibility gear (headlights and taillights etc.) when riding at times of poor visibility if riding outdoors.

• Make sure you are comfortable with entering and dismounting the pedal.

• Ensure you place your foot on the correct side of the pedal (6) platform cover before you begin riding. Do not attempt to ride the VFS-10 pedal if the (1) cuff is facing the ground/upside down.

• Properly maintain pedals at all times. Inspect the pedals for damage, wear or loose parts before each ride.

• Please contact your local VFS-10 dealer, gym service provider or Vectus Sport directly, if you have any questions about using your new pedals.


• All VFS-10 Fitness Pedals are designed with high quality, durable components. In order to maximize the life of your pedals, it is important to remove debris or anything that could interfere with the pedal’s moving parts.

• Periodically Inspect the opening on the pedal platform to ensure all debris is cleared out of the trigger mechanism. Be sure to keep the pedal spindle clean and free of debris.

• Never power wash or spray water directly into the seal, cuff or trigger assembly. Rather, wipe your pedals with a damp cloth.

• Do not disassemble pedal. For any internal maintenance or repair within the warranty period, contact Vectus Sport directly 1-844-783-2885 toll free or support@vectussport.com or your existing service provider.

CAUTION: READ BEFORE INSTALLING YOUR PEDALS The instructions should be read thoroughly before installation. Riding bicycles is inherently dangerous. Failure to follow these instructions and warning statements before installing and using Vectus pedals can result in severe injury or death.

Pedal Installation:

Step 1: Remove the foam round foam pad that is placed under the flap (between the lever and the trigger) which is used to keep the cuff in the closed position during shipping.

*Remove previous pedals if necessary

Step 2:  Apply a layer of Loctite (or any type of good thread locking or anti-loosening product) to the spindle for both the left and right side.

Step 3:  Place the right sided pedal spindle into the right crank arm hole. Once aligned, take use an 6mm allen wrench, or 15mm end wrench, or an adjustable crescent wrench* to tighten the pedal to the crank arm to 40Nm. Once complete, repeat these steps for the left pedal and left crank arm.

See how to install video here: www.vectussport.com/videos/vfs-10install

*Wrenches not included

TIP:  Which way to loosen or tighten pedals?

It is confusing to remember which way to spin the wrench to loosen or tighten pedals.  A good trick is to remember that with the wrench handle pointing up, you spin the wrench towards the back of the bike to loosen the pedals, and towards the front of the bike to tighten them.  This works from either side of the bike.  

See installation video here

VFS-10 Engagement:

Step 1:   Slip your front toes under the cuff, lift and slide your foot into the pedal under the cuff. As you depress the flap on the pedal (called the lever & trigger) the cuff will lower on to the top of your foot and automatically adjust to your foot size and stop when it senses your foot is secure.  The pedals is designed to automatically adjust to foot sizes 6"-16" (men) 7.5"-16.5" (women) [38-49.5 Europe] .

Step 2:   For optimal comfort and efficiency, wiggle your foot into a position under the cuff where you feel you get the most pushing and pulling power in your pedal stroke.  You can continue to move your foot into a comfortable position as you ride, while still having your foot held securely in place.

VFS-10 Disengagement:

Step 1:  To remove your foot from the VFS-10 pedal, swiftly pull your foot out via the rear of the pedal or forcefully slide your foot out to the uncovered side of the pedal.

Step 2:  The platform trigger will respond to the decrease in pressure on the pedal platform as you remove your foot and will pop open the cuff into a fully open position.  The pedal will then rotate into a vertical position, with the backend of the pedal pointing down towards the ground, giving you the optimal position of the pedal for re-entering.

Vectus Limited Warranty


 VFS-10 | Fitness Pedal: For a warranty claim to be honored, these steps must be taken and the following information must accompany the returned product:

1. Call Vectus Sport at 844-783-2855 to talk to a Customer Service Representative, or visit our website at vectussport.com/support and click on “Initiate a product return’.

2. Our Customer Service Representative (or the web site instructions) will ask you to explain the nature and reason of your return and will issue you a RETURN AUTHORIZATION

NUMBER (also known as an RA #).

3. Upon receiving an R.A. number from Vectus Sport, you must provide a detailed written description of the problem with the product and include the R.A. number in the note, as well as your name, street address and phone number(s) where you may be reached.. Box up the pedal(s) you are returning, and include the following in the box with the returned pedal(s) a) the written description of the problem (mentioned above), b) Proof of purchase in the form of the original PO number or copy of the original dated receipt, c) an estimate of product usage since your purchase date (in total hours used) – please carefully wrap the pedals in protective foam, bubble wrap, or wadded up paper, and securely shut the box with proper shipping tape. Label the box with the return address that was given to you by the Customer Service Representative or that you obtained through our web site – in most cases we will email you a return label to print out.

4. The pedals must be sent insured, securely packaged and through a traceable shipper.

After inspection and evaluation of the returned product, Vectus Sport will determine if the warranty claim merits a repair, a replacement, or if the returned product falls outside of the warranty coverage requirements. If the returned product merits repair or replacement Vectus Sport will return the repaired product or a new product within 60 days.

Remedies under this warranty are limited to normal use and normal wear. Any damage caused by misuse, abuse, failure to properly install or maintain the product, corrosion, accidents, or alterations to the product are not covered under this warranty. Small defects in appearance, including color and surface finish inconsistencies, along with damage that may have occurred during shipping are also not covered under this warranty.

Vectus Sport along with its agents or distributors shall not be liable for damages, direct, indirect or inconsequential, nor for any costs of transport or shipping of products, whether the claim be based on contract, warranty, negligence, or product liability beyond the repair or replacement of the returned product. Neither will Vectus Sport be held liable for loss of damage to property, person, or other economic losses. Warranty rights and remedies may not be assigned or transferred.

There are no warranties which extend beyond the face hereof. All warranties implied by state law, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly limited to the duration of the limited warranty set forth above. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. With the exception of any warranties implied by state law as hereby limited, the foregoing express limited warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, guarantees, agreements and similar obligations of manufacturer or seller.