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Introducing the VFS-10 | Fitness Series Pedal

Comfort.  Convenience.  Performance. 

$96.75 C


VFS-10 | Highlights

The VFS-10 Fitness Pedal employs Vectus Sport's patented True Release Technology ™ to improve the rider experience. Featuring a self-adjusting fit, comfortable padding and an instant lock and release mechanism, the VFS-10 eliminates the need for baskets, straps, or clips while providing a safe and efficient pedal stroke. The VFS-10 is the perfect pedal for any home or commercial gym. 

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No straps or clips 

No specialty spin shoes required

Works with any type of shoe

Compatible with any stationary bike

Easy to install and retrofit

Comes in 9/16" and 1/2" thread sizes

Secures foot in place

Creates a smooth pedal stroke 

Activates full range of leg muscles 

Provides a better cardio workout 

Fits all foot sizes [38 - 49.5 Europe]
6" - 15" (men) 7.5" - 16.5" (women) 

Stress tested to withstand any home or gym environment  

Always Upright

Our unique 'always upright' feature ensures the pedal remains in an optimal position at all times.  Just step in and start spinning. 

The Ultimate Fit

Any shoe. Any size. Our patented internal mechanism  self-adjusts to each new rider, while the padded responsive cuffs make the VFS-10 Fitness Pedal compatible with any foot shape or size.

Any Shoe

You probably don't work out in high heels, wingtips, or flip flops....but with the VFS-10, you could!  No matter what you wear your feet will be held securely and comfortably in place until you're ready to stop.


Rider Reviews

Whether you are a hard core cyclist, tracking stats on your workouts, or if you just use the bike to warm up for another activity, Vectus True Release pedals are far and away the favorite choice among people who have used them.

Totally New Pedal Technology

No more straps or baskets. No more riding shoes.  No more changing shoes.
Just step in with whatever you are wearing - for the ride of your life!

This product comes with a limited 6 month warranty