Introducing the VTR-10 | Trail & Road Pedal

Comfort. Convenience. Performance.

[Currently under development - should be available soon]


TR-10 Trail & Road Pedals* | Highlights 

Virtually everyone who has ridden with special cleated riding shoes and pedals has a story of how they have taken a fall because they couldn't unclip in time.... everyone.  It's a right of passage.

Conversely, old fashioned flat pedals don't provide any upstroke capability, and it's easy to slip off the pedals, or get bucked off the bike.  These problems will soon be a memory.  VTR-10 pedals hold your feet held securely in place without straps or clips. You can wear any shoe you want - boots, running shoes, even flip-flops - and enjoy the full riding experience.  

* This product is currently in development and not yet available for sale.

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  I have wanted a pedal like this ever since I started biking, but I only had two choices: flat pedals or 

'clipless' pedals with riding shoes. I felt like I could do anything with the VTR-10 pedals that 

I could with clipless pedals, and a whole lot more than riding with just flat pedals.

- Eric T.  

True Release Rider